from the Pastors desk

“I am the Lord who heals you” ( Exodus 15:26 )
Think about this powerful Word my friends, “I am the Lord who heals you.” Which reveals more than just the healing aspect of Father God’s nature. You see, whenever God uses the term “ I Am” please note, there is a literal calling of our attention to His timelessness, His self-completeness, and His absolute, eternal love… everything flows from His being.
God says, “ I Am Who I Am.” The Lord never changes and is still the same as He was when He revealed Himself with those awesome words to Moses His servants (Exodus 3:14).
In this 2017, let us always remind ourselves that our God is still the same today as He was when He pledged His merciful covenant of healing to the Israelites at the waters of Marah.
My word for God’s people in this year 2017 is that it will be a year of healing, spirit, soul, and body. He is our God and our Healer this year!
Love and many blessings, Pastors, Larry & Nadine