From the pastors desk…

Christmas is mighty! Love laughter, gifts and giving, trees and tinsel, holly and reindeer, carols and bells pageantry and awesome Christmas songs all of it….I mean all of it has an inherent potential for greatness.
If we ponder on this for a while we will see that the qualifying factor is the presence of the Holy Spirit. When He is ever present, all the of things of Christmas have a tender, loving power that can bless, strengthen, heal, restore, and bring about entry into God’s broad blessing of salvation. It’s good to note that when the Holy Spirit is absent, carols ring hallow. Greetings, wishes, and smiles just lie on the surface, like glitter glued on a flat card. Lights and decorations are only plain and dull. But where the Holy Spirit is, there is Power, Light, Life and Love!
Merry Christmas my friends,

from our family to yours! Pastors, Larry & Nadine ______________________________________________________________________