Rejoice in Christ!

Acts 15:11; Romans 3:24!

Rejoice my friends in knowing that Jesus loves you without a beginning of that love or an end to His love for you! Today is your day to REJOICE! He has delivered you from darkness, rescued you from the chains of slavery (sin) & brought you into His marvelous Light! All because Jesus sacrificed His life for you and forgiven you your sins! in exchange, He has given you an abundant life, a life of quality! You have destiny and mission in Him and for Him! THE BEST THING IS THAT IT’S ALL FOR HIS GLORY!!! I believe itʼs time for everyone of us as believers to rejoice! ( Phil. 4:4) I believe that itʼs time for each of us to move out of our comfort zone and share what He has done for us with those who donʼt know Him! What is one soul worth to Christ?

Grace and peace to you always,

Your friends & pastors,

Larry & Nadine