Healing the Broken Heart

Have you ever felt that something was missing is your life? Something has continually blocked you from moving ahead in your walk with Jesus? You might be suffering from a broken heart! The Scripture uses some graphic language to describe what happens to one with a broken heart. A broken heart is usually a result of a violent tearing, an emotional fracturing. If you have ever fractured a bone, this is what a broken looks like spiritually speaking.

There are many reasons why a person ends up with a broken heart which would include: divorce, abuse, abandonment, rejection, tragedy, hatred, war, abortion, addictions, and death. Since the fall of man, it seems like this world is designed to break our hearts! From my personal experience I have observed that once a heart has been broken, there is no remedy on earth that can ease itʼs pain. Only Christ can heal and mend it.

There are two ways to find healing of a broken heart: First, remember that our Great Physician Christ, can take all the broken pieces and put them together and then bind up so that it can heal and remain healed! Isaiah 61:1 says “He (Jesus) has been sent to bind up the broken hearted.” Secondly, it is imperative to forgive whoever has broken your heart whether from the past or present. Most of the time it may be someone you know, but you may need to forgive yourself! “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.” Once you decide to forgive whoever broke your heart, know that God is free to forgive you, heal you, and set you free by removing any blockage in your life.

Why would the Lord want to do this for you and His people? Because through faith in Jesus, He has made provision to heal any broken heart that might come our way in this life! A healed heart is a heart overflowing with Godʼs love and peace!

Love and blessings always, Pastor Larry ______________________________________________________________________